Goal Chasing, Working From Home

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As a Milspouse, any job I take has to accommodate my husband’s schedule. As a mother, any job I took own had to accept my son’s monthly doctor’s appointment AND be worth the cost of childcare.

Unsurprisingly, that type of job is hard to find- even with a degree.

For awhile I had a once in a lifetime position that allowed me to bring my son to work. But once my son was mobile it became more stressful than productive.

Unable to afford childcare and not enjoying an “opposite shift” style marriage. I knew SOMETHING had to be done.

And then I saw something inspirational. I was feeling “woe is me” and watching a documentary on poverty. During the film, earthquake survivors in Haiti found a way to start an energy business and provide jobs to the community.

I was awestruck.
If someone could start a successful business with 0 resources and minimal food. What was holding me back?

Once again, In. Haiti. With. No. Electricity.

Had my privilege led to complacency? Why should expect for a system to provide for me? Why not take control of my own future? And I began working on writing my goals.


1. Sell Your Skill (Individual)

I know what you are thinking… “But I don’t have any skills!” Yes, you do. Six months ago I would spend a great deal of my time whining about now having a trade.

This is so unfair! I would think to myself.

I would look at the musicians and glare. I would look at the dancers and glare. Hell, I would even look at my husband (programming) and glare!

Then one day, I sat down and took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test.

As an ENFP, I excel in matters of communication. One of the skills revealed was writing. I told my best friend and he replied, “Yea, you’ve been writing since forever.”

And then it came back to me. All the A’s on my papers in college. All of the people who suggested I wrote a book per Facebook statuses.

I couldn’t believe it. I had a skill. So I looked for gigs that related to my skill set.

FREELANCE YOUR SKILLS. Someone somewhere needs your work.

2. Write Articles for Online Pubs

If you can construct a basic sentence you can get paid to write. (Of course, you would have to grow in that skill in order to make relevant sums of money. but it’s possible)

When I first started out, I was writing for a site that only liked “click-bait”. I hated it. It did not take long for me to realize three things.

  1. I am not a publish for pay kinda girl
  2. I was not being paid a fair wage.

Despite the suckiness, there was a silver lining- I was building my portfolio.
With writing, the proof of skill is more important than credentials. And more importantly, regardless of your beliefs, there is a publication that would pay you for your perspective.

If you’re a mom submit your experiences to parenting sites.

If you’re a girlfriend submit your articles to dating columns.

If you’re a hoe, submit to sex magazines! (jk lol. Sex positive feminist here)

Just submit! There’s $$$ to be made.

3. Sell Apparel

I love personalized gifts. Most people are like me.

People spend BILLIONS a year for person stuff. Turn it into a hustle. I write cause it’s easy and I’m lazy. If I wasn’t lazy I would be a tee shirt making fool!

Buy thrift store shirts and get bedazzlin’. Wear your clothes and watch people notice and inquire.

Make cups. Make personalized journals. Make shoes.

And then send me some. I love stuff.

But Fo’ real. Get on google and look up how to tutorials. You can learn anything on Youtube. You can do it. Make that money guurrll.

4. Teach a Skill (To groups)

That skill you up and realized you had a few steps ago? Not only can you make money by doing it as a Freelance service. You can ALSO teach it to a group!

If you can pay the guitar/ dance/ draw teach lessons.

Teach a coupon class if you’re great with money. Meal prep if you’re awesome with food. Be a fitness trainer if you’re fit.

If you’re great at a particular subject or speak another language teach them to groups! There is something you have that others want. Teach it to them.

5. Be a Virtual Assistant

There are ALOT of people who are so successful they don’t have time to complete all their tasks.

And that is where a Virtual Assistant (VA) comes in.

If you are super organized find someone who needs your help and get paid to schedule their meetings. Send their emails and everything in between.

You’d be surprised the things some of these rich folks need help with. The smallest tasks waste too much of their time and they need someone to take it off of their hands.

There is a lot of work to be done. No one person can do it.


Do something different going into 2017. Ditch the Resolution and have a plan! Be sure to have friends that support you along the way. And get started on that Goal list!

Being a military spouse has taught me how to hustle. NO ONE hustles like MilSpo’s. We can take the dirt from a backyard and make a garden without water.

Like Fo’ Real.

There is something out there for you.

Have you already considered any of these? Is there one in particular that you would like me to expand on? Can you think of an awesome side hustle I forgot to name?

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