The Importance of Accountibuddies.

Goal Chasing

To quote the words of the great Bruno Mars, “Today I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING”.

We all have those days, where it seems to require every ounce of your soul to even go pee.

Today is one of those days for me.

But as a mother, wife, and an empire builder- I can’t afford to waste that time. And here’s why.

Time will pass whether I am productive or not. Deadlines will keep rolling in and baby will still need food, diapers, and interaction.

Can I take a day off? Sure!

But I know myself. That day’s activities will domino right on to the rest of my prescheduled tasks. And that domino will increase the next day’s work. And the next day will be more stressful. And I’ll be overwhelmed. And THEN I’ll make excuses of my dreams being too hard.

And I will quit.

Enter the importance of accountibuddies.

I know a lot of people say to work in silence and let your success do the talking. (Or maybe “they” don’t say that and I just made it up lol! Either way that was gold!)

But I would like to tweak that a Lil bit. I think you should tell ATLEAST one, but no more than 5 people about your dreams.

Good accountibuddies have  3 qualities

  • Constructively Critical
  • Driven
  • Encouraging

This person (or people) will be your bridge out of stagnancy. The idea is to use peer pressure and annoyance and convert them into motivation.

I have 3 main accountibuddies. I bug them about writing goal list and they tell me to G.T.F. over it when I lose sight of my vision.

It is so much easier to succeed when you have a team who want to see grow. They understand because they crave success just and hard.

Accountibuddies know your skills. And they have no problem calling you out if you are not working to your full potential.

Shout out to accountibuddy “A” for getting me up and moving.

Who are your accountibuddies??

Feeling lazy too? Brighten your day with this jam!


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