The Dreaded Goal list.

Goal Chasing

Do you see yourself as an alchemist?

Merriam-Webster defines alchemy as “a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way. “

I know what you’re thinking.. “But I thought we were talking about goals, not science KoolKnitta!

Gimme a second. Let me learn ya!

Taking where you are and transforming it into where you’d like  to be, requires many ingredients. But my favorites are as follow

  • Determination
  • Vision
  • Knowledge

As dreamers, we often find ourselves with the challenge of transforming abstract concepts i.e “nothing” into tangible results i.e “something”.

I believe, dreamers are all alchemist. We pull things out of the theoretical realm with hopes it will manifest in the physical realm.

Think of your pen and paper as a weight. Weights limit movement and make your ideas too heavy to fly away.

Writing down your dreams takes concepts and makes them measurable.

“But I don’t like to write, Knitta. I just like to dream a great dream and hope it will come true.” say’s our non-productive self

And that is why so many of us have wonderful ideas with 0 progress.

Once you make your goals measurable, you can track you progress.

I use 3 different lists to measure my progress towards my goals.

  1. Task List- Tiny steps toward greatness
  2. Mid Term- Challenging yet seemingly possible
  3. Long Term –Grandiose

For ejemplo, when I first decided I wanted to be a professional writer, I had no idea where to start. When you have spent your life allowing dreams to pass, it is easy to feel overwhelmed once you decide to chase them. So made 3 lists and I added 3 things, one per list.

It looked almost identical to the following:

  1. A to-do item – write down your fears
  2. A distant yet reachable goal- Publish your first article for pay
  3. A “haha you wish” list- Make over $1,000 in revenue by the end of 2016.

By writing down the smallest of steps, I was able to take the fear out of dream chasing. In addition to removing my fears, I made my progress traceable.

No matter how small the step, I knew when I made conscious motions towards my dreams.

Next time we will dive into the importance of the first list- The “tasks” list.

Knitta Out.



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