Black Breastfeeding Week ’16


Did you know breastfeeding can come in many forms?

There is the traditional nursing- which involves baby to breast.

There is expressing or “pumping” milk in order to bottle feed (as seen in my first image). This system is easiest for moms who work, like myself.

And lastly, there are Supplemental Nursing Systems (SNS). SNS allow moms (or DADS) to use previously expressed milk to get the Breastfeeding feel.
This is often used when there are complications in milk production.

Breastfeeding is versatile.
It doesn’t matter how you do it! There are many ways to try.

While you’re at it, check out my latest article

"The Power and Promise of Chocolate Milk" for ParentMap!


#BlackBreastfeedingWeek #BlackWomenDOBreastfeed#PleaseTRYBreastbeforetherest

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