“It” creeps up on you. Without warning and when you least expect”It”.. I was once told “It” “don’t come to our kind, Don’t claim that”. But you don’t have to, ‘cause “It”’ has claimed you; “It” is in your eyes… Many words were spoken , minimal comprehension. “It” freezes time; a photo, only negatives. Loneliness yields pessimism, pessimism yields loneliness. Avoiding mirrors, you don’t wanna see “It”… “It” changes you” Going through the motions, outer body experiences. Declined calls and ignored text…”It”’s got your energy.  Recitals of “I’ll pray for you”. Lack of results has removed prayer from your regime…. Searching for a fruitful solution, in the eternal land of”It”. Get your books,go to school/ work. Keep pushing! A metamorphosis is pending. You can and will defeat “It”. The highest inspiration is in “It”. Showers of emotion wash away barriers to expression. Tears, a fresh start, granting life to the land that has been long without fruit. Do not fear the hurt, remember the diamond.


For another perspective replace “it” with “Depression”


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